You want to earn money with your smartphone? 
Than i have the wright programm for you. 

First i descripe you the programm. 

The bot makes "Surebets" for you. That means you never lose because its a safety thing to win. 

You ger 1% every 4 hours. So you get 6% a day. Your investment is 30 days active in the bot. This let us to know, you get 180% within a month. Thas are incredible 80% of profit. 

Now some little facts:
- investment must be with Bitcoin
- minimum investment is 0.02 Bticoin
- minimum withdraw sum is 0.01 Bitcoin
- multiple languages
- about 40.000 happy users
- referall bonus:  1. level: 15%
 2. level: 3%
 3. level: 2%

Just a little example:

If you invest 1 Bitcoin you get 1,8 Bitcoin after 1 Month. 
But the bot have a function that means reinvest. You can reinvest every time you got 0.02 Bitcoin in your balance. If you reinvest for 30 days. You have 30 days more to withdrawel all. But with this function you make out of 1 Bitcoin much more, 6 Bitcoin you get out after this 60 days.

Now let us start. I give you the instructions:

1. You have to download the app "Telegram" on your smartphone or pc
2. You have to activate "Telegram"
3. Now we had "Telegram" activated, we can start the bot. Just click on the button below.
Hit "Start" or type "/start" in the bot and select your language.
4. Next step is to deposit you investment to the bot. Just click on "Invest", copy the deposit wallet adress and send the Bitcoins from your wallet to the bot wallet. 
5. The last step is just to wait. It takes 5-60min your invest is show in the bot. Be patient. 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on telegram. Go on contact there is my telegram link. 

And after all you only have to wait and happy earnings :)
This bot is an investment program. So i am only recommend to invest that amount thats you dont hurt, if the bot should go down. 

I do not give guarantee or other things. I just tell you my opinion and my experience with this bot. 

I investet 0.33 Bitcoins so i can make a daily reinvest. And at the moment my total profit is 2,3 Bitcoins.